Drive Software Engineer

年薪: 6 万起

Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:


job description:
1. Responsible for the software development of frequency converters, servo drives and brushless drives, and cooperate with hardware engineers to complete product development/small batch manufacturing;

2. Assist in the functional and performance testing of the drive hardware and the entire motion control system;

3. Design control algorithm, software implementation, and complete debugging and testing;

4. Complete various documents such as product specifications in the product development process, and file them in time;

5. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.

job requirements:

1. Major in power electronics, electrical drive, electrical automation, bachelor degree or above;

2. Have more than 3 years of experience in servo, inverter, brushless driver development, can independently undertake the development of controller software, and have done molding products is preferred;

3. Proficient in ARM and DSP software design, proficient in C language, proficient in IAR, Keil or CCS development environment, PLD development experience is preferred;

4. Be proficient in motor drag theory, understand the structure and manufacturing process of DC brushless, AC servo, and hybrid stepping motors, and be proficient in automatic control theory and PID algorithm;

5. Familiar with control theories and related algorithms such as magnetic field oriented control, MTPA, weak field control, etc., familiar with various filtering theories and application methods;

6. Familiar with encoder principle and mainstream absolute encoder communication protocol;

7. Familiar with the principle of feedforward, understand the basic theory of dynamics, experience in vibration suppression and motor parameter identification is preferred;

8. Familiar with bus standards such as canopen and ethercat, and those with relevant bus development experience are preferred;

9. Have strong learning and innovation ability, strong independent work ability, team spirit, strong communication and coordination ability, and willing to accept challenges.